Women’s Conference

March 25, 2022 | KSC News

ROAR Like a Mother!
An Update on Our Women’s Conference

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On Saturday, March 19, about 325 women from 46 churches gathered in our Baker Center for our “ROAR Like a Mother” women’s conference.  They came – some from more than four hours away — to be challenged in the sobering work of raising their children to be wise and devoted followers of Christ in a culture that is constantly seeking to draw them in the other direction.

At 8:00 am when the doors opened, there was a joyful, vibrant energy as the ladies streamed into our space. The conference committee had decorated the lobby and Baker Center with hand-painted murals proclaiming Scripture, color-coordinated garlands, and dramatic balloon displays. Each volunteer was wearing their blue ROAR themed shirt and a bright smile.  Everyone chatted over coffee, pastries, and fruit.

The excitement stayed high throughout the day – as Nick and Kathryn Randle led worship; as Pastor Jody welcomed our guests and his wife Caryn opened in prayer; as the guest speaker, Hillary Morgan Ferrer, founder of Mama Bear Apologetics, took the stage for each of her powerful sessions; and as our own Eloisa Rice shared on the subject of “Radical Motherhood.”  At lunch the tables bonded over salads and sandwiches, then chewed over the most compelling points that had been made in the previous sessions.

Each break brought an opportunity to visit the Fellowship Room, where local vendors like Grayce Gardens, BrandAsh Bleats & Teats, and Kaitlyn Shadle Photography offered beautiful and nourishing gifts for sale.  Inside the Baker Center, ministries that serve women and children were featured including Good News Club, Pregnancy Ministries, and Sweet Grace Ministries.

The teaching brought difficult realities, that our children are being influenced by the world around them in increasingly deceptive ways.  But the day also brought hope, inspiration, and resources for every woman. They were challenged and equipped to combat the world, rely on the power of the Holy Spirit, infuse their children with the Word of God, and stand against Satan’s worst intentions.

When the women were leaving that afternoon, many thanked the committee members for the conference.  Several shared that they felt encouraged by the opportunity to meet with other like-minded women of faith, that it felt good to connect with others and know that they weren’t fighting the good fight all on their own.

Please pray with us for all the women who heard this teaching, that God would use it to draw their hearts into deeper relationship with Him, and that He would work in their lives in a mighty way as they continue to process the truths that they have heard.

We praise God for His hand of mercy and blessing over the women’s conference, and we are grateful for the team of women who planned it and brought it to life.  We believe God is going to continue to work through the community that was created through these efforts, and through the fire that has been lit within those who desire radical motherhood.


Viewing Party

For those who missed the event, we are offering a viewing party of the keynote sessions next Sunday, April 3, from 1:30-4:30 pm, downstairs in the Student Ministry Center.  There is no charge, but you must register. We expect to fill up again so you will want to do that soon.  Visit kingstreetchurch.com/rlam to learn more and sign up.