King Street Church affiliates with the United Brethren in Christ denomination.  Our doctrines and Confession of Faith align with them.  You can read a full description of those beliefs at the UB Website.


Our mission is to engage and bless our community with the Gospel.


2019-2028:  In the next ten years, King Street Church will create and establish clear and intentional pathways of discipleship development to equip the church for engaging and blessing our community with the Gospel. We will shift our emphasis to become a church family where everyone is purposefully using their spiritual gifts to live out God’s call on their lives.

As we work toward accomplishing this vision, we believe the result will be spiritual growth, restoration from brokenness and the healing of families. As Jesus’ light shines through us into the darkness of our community, we believe we will see many come to know Him as their Savior, Lord and Friend.  Jesus will be THE beacon in the midst of our city!  And we want to be a part of this work, leading the way!

In a changing time for our culture, city and church, we will need to stay constant in lifting up God’s Word as true. We will need to move toward a unified way of learning who we are as Christ-followers. In developing a heart for service that shows a sacrifice of time, money and energy, we will need to discover and apply our spiritual gifts. We believe this must be done both intentionally and together!  Our effectiveness will come with much prayer, flexibility, reflection and accountability.

Ten years from now, we believe God will be using the people of King Street Church to shine His hope and healing into all corners of our community and beyond as we grow and live with purpose while using our gifts.


We offer a Vision Booklet that lists our mission, vision and core values in greater detail, along with Scripture verses and suggested commitments to help us put our faith into action.  In Pastor Jody’s own words, “[This booklet] is a ‘how to’ manual.  We don’t want you to simply read through this material once, and then put it on the shelf.  We want you to internalize this vision, and live out these practices in your daily life.  We believe these commitments and daily practices are timeless, and will help shape you into the kind of disciple that Jesus can use to truly make a difference in this world.  Each and every Sunday I encourage us all to ‘live the call.’  This booklet shows you exactly what it looks like to do that. It’s the kind of church I believe all of us are longing to be a part of!”

Download the Vision Booklet (PDF)



Spiritually Alive in Christ:  Who am I worshiping?

Everyone engages in worship. To worship is to ascribe worth to something or someone. We can worship money, status, sports teams… but biblical worship turns that affection to God. Biblical worship is the full-life response (heart, soul, strength, and mind) to who God is and what He has done.

True worship, in other words, is defined by the priority we place on who God is in our lives and where God is on our list of priorities. The essence of worship is to know God truly and then respond from the heart to that knowledge by valuing God above all earthly things. And then this joyful satisfaction in God overflows in acts of praise from the lips and acts of love in serving others for the sake of Christ. In light of this, it is abundantly clear that only Jesus Christ is worthy of our worship!

Relationally Connected by Christ: Who is my community?

John Donne said, “No man is an island.” But when it comes to the Christian life, many people keep it hidden and private, relegating matters of the spiritual to the silent and secret parts of life. To admit that we don’t have our spiritual acts together seems like a shameful admission of ignorance and weakness. But let’s face it; who really has their act together?

What keeps us from true fellowship is a wrong perspective on the body of Christ: we see it as a gathering of saints, before we recognize it as a group of sinners. We think that everyone else has arrived at a point of saintly holiness and spiritual perfection, so we are ashamed by our growth – or lack of it. But no one is perfect. We are all fallen, and we need each other! Gathering with other believers benefits us with: mutual support and encouragement, shared learning, friendship, accountability, opportunities to love and serve one another, opportunities to love and serve our community and the world, and so much more?

Missionally Engaged for Christ: Who am I serving?

Every Christian is “on mission for God.” We are most like Jesus when we are serving others in His name. We demonstrate our thankfulness to Him by willingly and humbly entering into the lives of others to serve their needs, share in their suffering, and proclaim the Good News. We can become a helper, a listening ear, an encourager, a prayer partner, an evangelist, a confidant, or even a defender. We experience great joy when we bring the reality of Jesus’ grace and love to the very ones who need it most.

As followers of Jesus our missional service is unique for three reasons. First, it is unique in its source. That source is our redemption in Christ. Second, it is unique in its objective, which is to model Christ’s kind of servanthood. Third, it is unique in its character, for it is motivated by God’s holy-love. In the church we seek to recognize ministry potential in each other, and actively assist in launching every person forward into service.