The Trip that Changed the World!

January 6, 2021 | Uncategorized

On January 17, Pastor Jody will begin a 12-week sermon series on Paul’s second missionary journey. This series, “The Irrepressible Gospel,” will focus on Acts 15–18.

Pastor Jody says: “There are some moments in history that completely change the trajectory of the entire world. Paul’s second missionary journey, as recorded in Acts 15-18, is one of those moments. God used the Apostle Paul, supported by a small team of others, to expand the Kingdom of God in dramatic ways. The message of the Gospel went forth in great power. The word irrepressible is defined as: not able to be controlled or restrained. That is exactly what happened as the Gospel was shared in city after city. In the face of great opposition, the Good News of Jesus Christ couldn’t be contained. And it hasn’t stopped! The Gospel is STILL being preached and the work of God is STILL being accomplished in this world. Join us in this 12-week sermon series as we explore the trip that changed the world!”

We hope you will join us this spring for this look at Paul’s second missionary journey, and for a fresh look at the Gospel.