Look Up: New Single from King Street Worship

October 9, 2020 | KSC News

The new single from King Street Worship is live! Nathan Hann (Pastor of Contemporary Worship) and our worship team wrote this song to accompany this difficult season and Pastor Jody’s “Up” series on Colossians.  Scroll down for ways to download it.



Look Up (Live) from King Street Church on Vimeo.

Or Search “look up” and King Street Church in your favorite music site (Apple music, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and more) and be encouraged!

Song Lyrics:

Look Up

Verse 1:
Even now in the midst of the storm
When the pain is real and I’m desperate for something more
Remind me God You’re the one worthy of looking for
My hope, I’m anchored and secure

Look up where our help comes from
The Maker of Heaven and Earth,
The Maker of Heaven and Earth
Look up in our time of need
Our Refuge and our Strength,
Christ our Victory

Verse 2:
When my thoughts are raging war inside of me
And all seems lost with things that I can see
Remind me God You’re the one who gives perfect peace
My Rock, I’m anchored and secure

And we will not fear
When the waters are raging
For our God is with us
He’s not overtaken
And we will proclaim it
When doubt tries to sink in
That death is defeated
Jesus Is Risen