King Street Church is excited to open our facilities during the Yellow Phase, with the guidelines outlined below.  They are subject to change upon PA regulations and KSC staff discretion.

Participants are invited to gather in the church building who are:

  • In groups not to exceed 25 total persons
  • Healthy and not presenting with a fever or other symptoms of illness
  • Wearing masks and willing to adhere to 6 foot social distancing standards (between family units) in the parking lot, at entrances/exits, and throughout the building.
  • Ages 12 and older (Sorry – we look forward to inviting younger children back soon!)


During the Yellow Phase, we will continue to offer worship services online, but not in the church building.  Participants are invited to gather for specific reasons:

  • YES! Bible studies, meetings, fellowship, ministry planning and preparation
  • NO, NOT YET: recreational activities or sports, meals or food sharing


Participants may request to use the following rooms, with priority given to KSC ministries. Maintenance staff will be on-site when the building is open for use.

  • Baker Center (25 people)
  • Fellowship Room (15 people)
  • M27/29 (25 people)
  • Room 215 (25 people)
  • Ministry C-8 (10 people)


Participants can apply to use a room through these procedures:

  1. Complete the Yellow Phase Request Form in the right column and submit it by Thursday at 1:00 pm of the week prior to your date.
  2. If approved, KSC will assign the room, restroom, and the doors to use to enter/exit the building. Leaders are responsible to inform attendees of these rooms and doors.
  3. Participants must commit to:
  • Use hand sanitizer (supplied by KSC) upon entrance and exit.
  • Follow social distancing and other safety guidelines outlined in this form.
  • Sanitize their room before leaving with instructions/materials supplied by KSC.
  • Adhere to their scheduled times.

Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to navigate the pandemic.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact Molly Shull, Administrative Assistant, at