New Logo at KSC

December 12, 2018 | Uncategorized, KSC News

By Susanna Allen, Communications Coordinator

This past year King Street Church received a new logo. The process of developing the logo was a lengthy but exciting one. Several staff members who compose the “Creative Team” at KSC met with the designers at Cross & Crown to discuss what themes were important to our congregation.

Some churches and organizations choose an icon that is recognizable but has no direct meaning. Our goal was to add something more—but what simple, unique symbol can say something significant about KSC?

We returned to our mission – to engage and bless our community with the Gospel. A critical element in that statement is community. Our geographic location, right in the middle of downtown, lends weight to our call to our local neighbors. We are placed in a unique location and that location drives our mission.

After much consideration the symbol that stood out was a common teardrop-shaped map point. It is simple and yet it offers a modern, rounded design. When combined with a “K” for our name, there is subtle movement, not unlike our participation as a church – to come in for nurturing and discipleship – and go out as ambassadors of the Gospel. 

When we see the map point logo, let us be reminded of our call to engage and bless our COMMUNITY with the Gospel. Even more importantly, let us we also remember that the church is not contained in a building. When we wear the map point logo on a shirt or hat, let us think, “I am the church. Wherever I go, I represent the body of believers at King Street Church and the larger kingdom of God. I carry the mission to engage and bless my community wherever I travel.” May we further recognize that our physical community is expanded by our individual circles. Those surrounding me, in my sphere of influence, are also my community and the community of KSC.

The colors chosen—a traditional navy and a fresh blue-green—also speak to how we appreciate our rich and long-standing heritage even as we grow and press forward to the future. You may have already seen the new logo, and as you see it roll out in bigger ways, we hope you will embrace it as a symbol of our church family.