Connection Points

April 9, 2021 | Uncategorized

One of our core values at King Street Church is to be relationally connected through Christ. We offer many in-person and online ways to do that!

Adult Sunday School Classes:  We offer many different adult Sunday School classes, each with a different personality, style of teaching, and spiritual focus.  Classes serve as mini-congregations that support missionaries, engage in ministries, and fellowship outside of class.  Contact Jay Brown, Pastor of Mission and Discipleship, to discuss the options.

L3 Groups:  L3 Groups are discipleship communities of 6-12 people who meet at least twice a month for the purpose of sharing life together in 3 ways: loving one another, learning together, and launching into ministry. These groups have already played a vital role here during the pandemic, as they have provided a way for our church family to connect with a community for support and encouragement.  Pastor Jay Brown can once again help with placing you in the best group.

Crosswalk Children’s Ministry:  Our mission is to connect children to God and others for a lifetime of following Jesus and serving their community.  On Sunday mornings we offer Nursery Care (ages 2 and under), Pre-School and SonShine Park (ages 2 through Kindergarten), and Elementary KidzTown (grades 1-5).  Contact Becky Hann, Director of Children’s Ministries, if you have any questions about our programs for children.

The Street Student Ministries:  The Street Student Ministry here at KSC is for all students in grades 6-12.  Our team of caring adults helps students to connect with Christ and each other, grow in Christ, and serve and share Christ.  Matt Gish, Pastor of High School Ministries, can answer questions about Student Ministries.

RESET:  RESET is a worship service and support system focused on enrichment, healing and recovery.  We offer safe environments to be real, to name what’s broken, and to pursue abundant life in Christ. We are building upon Jesus as our foundation when everything else is shaking.  Reach out to Adam Keath, Pastor of Restoration and Recovery, for more information.

Serving:  Serving is one of our core values, and we like to connect people with areas of serving that will use their gifts and feed their soul.  That might mean helping in a kids classroom, greeting people at the door, running lights for a worship service, or being involved in a variety of other areas.  Our Coordinator of Guest Experience, Samantha Ray, can talk you through the various options. We also partner with many local ministries.  Learn more about our in-house and local partners at this page:  Serving at KSC.  We especially encourage you to visit the current opportunities at Service Central.