Answering the Call

July 12, 2023 | Uncategorized

Care for the Broader Church

By Susanna Allen, Communications Coordinator


It was June of 2011 when Matt Gish came to King Street, replacing Mark Vincenti and forming a team with Brian “BK” Kramer.  They were big shoes to fill, but Matt proved he was more than capable of taking on the role.  A year later, when BK moved away, Matt took full leadership of Student Ministries.  It was a position that he expected to hold for a long time.

“I expected a life-long career in Student Ministry,” Matt explains, but then the Holy Spirit worked on his heart. “Over the past few years, God has given me more of a passion and care for the broader church, while still loving students.”     

Matt responded to this holy discontent, and found himself led to a larger church with multiple locations.  This congregation is just about to start a new campus, and Matt will be the pastor there.  His main role will be to shepherd the people at that location, oversee it, and preach messages.  Matt’s last day with us is July 16, right after he returns from leading the students in our Guatemala missions trip.

Matt says, “I appreciate the time that I’ve had here, and the opportunities to learn what it’s like to serve at a church with multiple staff.  I’m grateful for a strong volunteer team that I’ve been able to lead alongside of.”

He continues, “I’ve seen the importance of investing in the community through King Street’s work with other local organizations, like the basketball ministry, Agape English, and so many other partners that we have.  KSC is involved with our downtown friends and supportive. I’m excited to be able to take that to a new community.”

In their time here, Matt’s wife Aimee and two of his children —Micah and Malia— have been active in serving.  Aimee has served with Student Ministries as a small group leader and volunteer on trips.  Right now Micah is our Worship intern, following years of serving with our Worship teams. Malia serves in our Nursery, on the childcare teams for Agape and the Adoption Support Group, with Student Worship, and Sunday morning Worship.

Matt asks that we pray for his family during their time of transition.  “Pray that we are able to quickly meet new people and build community.

Matt says, “I am grateful for my time here, and for the many relationships that I’ve been able to build.  I will pray for King Street, and I know God is going to continue to do amazing things through them.”

It is difficult to say goodbye to such a dedicated, faithful team-member.  Matt leaves behind a legacy of loving students well, speaking truth, and contributing in big ways to the larger work at King Street.  And not unlike his own commitment to us, we will pray for him, knowing that God is going to continue to do amazing things through him as he follows God’s call.

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