10 Year Vision Booklet

November 8, 2019 | Uncategorized

Download our Vision Booklet (pdf)


This booklet took several years to create. Or perhaps better said, the important contents of this booklet took several years to create. It is the result of dozens of meetings, and hundreds of combined hours. And it is very specific — very unique to King Street Church.

Back in early 2016, just months after coming to King Street as your senior pastor, I asked the elders if they would journey with me toward a fresh and clear articulation of some very important declarations in the life of our church. This was no simple task. I suppose the job could have been made much easier by looking at other church websites and borrowing some words and phrases that caught our eye and seemed to apply. But that wasn’t our goal. We didn’t want “a mission statement” or “a list of values.” We wanted to put words to OUR mission. We wanted to discern OUR values. We asked God to show us what OUR vision is to be. We wanted to look back into our past to gain a sense of our unique DNA as a church — and look up into the face of God to see what He would show us about our present and our future.

Our mission became apparent almost immediately. The words of our mission came to us almost as if God had written them in the sky: to engage and bless our community with the Gospel. This is why we exist as a church. It is the way we corporately live out the Great Commission to go into all the world — and most especially our little corner of the world here in Franklin County — and make disciples of all people.

Our core values crystallized around three statements that seemed to be at the very heart of everything we hold dear as a church: to be spiritually alive in Christ; to be relationally connected by Christ;and to be missionally engaged for Christ. Underneath these values lie three essential questions: Who am I worshipping? Who is my community? Who am I serving? We believe that to properly answer these questions is to be on the path of discipleship.

But there’s more. This mission and these values speak to the mind and the heart of King Street Church. But what about our hands and our feet? How do we LIVE THESE THINGS OUT in our daily lives? Where do we hope this mission and these values take us in the next ten years? It’s not enough to answer the WHY question — we also need to answer the HOW.

This is precisely the reason this booklet was created. It’s a “how to” manual. We don’t want you to simply read through this material once, and then put it on the shelf. We want you to internalize this vision, and live out these practices in your daily life. We believe these commitments and daily practices are timeless, and will help shape you into the kind of disciple that Jesus can use to truly make a difference in this world.

Each and every Sunday I encourage us all to “live the call.” This booklet shows you exactly what it looks like to do that. It’s the kind of church I believe all of us are longing to be a part of!