Be glad all God is planning for you. Be patient in trouble, and always be prayerful. (V. 12)

My daughter’s father-in-law had battled various serious health issues over the last few years before cancer brought him to the end of his earthly journey. Frank had been a cantor and choir member in his church but never spoke much about his faith during the times we were in contact, usually at family events. However, it was evident to me during our conversations that being part of the church’s music ministry was helping him deal with his life altering physical condition, along with the love and devotion of his wife.

When our daughter informed us of Frank’s passing, she also related that he was on his knees praying knowing his time for going home was approaching rapidly. It’s somewhat miraculous that he could even get on his knees but he did, telling his dear wife and family, “This is important!” His actions and words not only left a comforting and lasting legacy for his family, but upon all of us who knew him. God already knew that the final victory over illness had been won but Frank’s prayerful response let everyone know that he fully trusted God and that everything was going to be just fine for both he and his family. Through this sole action, Frank modeled the words of today’s scripture, setting a powerful example for all of us to follow every day, even if it’s the last one!

Frank’s end of life hospital story reminded me of Jesus’ final hours as he prayed in the garden on the Mount of Olives. He prayed to the point of sweating blood, for strength to face the coming suffering and death on the cross in complete obedience to the will of his Father. Jesus set the perfect example of the absolute need to remain prayerful at all times and in all circumstances of life, both good and bad. No matter what we are facing, Jesus actions, which culminated with his powerful Resurrection three days later, assure us that keeping constant contact with Him is the true and only key to our redemption and salvation.


Frank’s intensely personal conversation with Christ, hours before joining him in heaven, serves as a beautiful reminder to all of us to stay fully engaged with the Lord no matter the time, location or period of life. It is truly “important” to spend time on your knees with Christ.

Dear Jesus, thank you for your prayerful sacrifice for us on Good Friday. Help us to remember it daily that we may stay constantly in touch with you now and through eternity.