“Now listen: Today I am giving you a choice between prosperity and disaster, between life and death.” (V. 15)

Traveling down the I-81 corridor between Harrisburg and Chambersburg, PA, I noted electronic sign boards warning of an impending winter storm and a ban on all commercial vehicle traffic that would be implemented within the next 24 hours. This life impacting advice was the result of the tireless work of professional meteorologists using scientific instruments, data and methods to track a dangerous winter storm of snow, sleet, freezing rain and high winds they predicted would be soon hitting our area. They were using their influence to try and save lives and reduce injuries from the onset of this winter blast.

While most of us are not employed as meteorologists, in 2016 there were a reported 10,400 reported in the US, each of us should realize that like them, we have a lot more impact producing influence over the lives of many people. Take a minute and think of all the people you come into contact with every day and you begin to get some idea of the true impact of your life on those around you. Your words and actions have a far greater effect that you ever realized when you think in terms of your daily human contacts in person; by phone; by text; by email; or through social media. Once you grasp the true significance of your personal influence you come to the full recognition that this influence can either impact people in a positive or negative way. Adding to this complexity of life is the fact that you have the free choice to determine which type of influence to employ.




Understanding that we have influence over the lives of others and that we have the choice to exert it in a positive or negative fashion, we must ultimately comprehend that our response will be drawn from our foundational moral and spiritual character. Using Moses ancient words of wisdom, delivered to the people of Israel in his Third address, he directs us quite simply to love the Lord your God and walk in his ways bringing prosperity to yourself and all those around you. But if you turn your heart, refusing to listen to God, and elect to serve a variety of other personal gods, like self-interest, you will be a source of pain and suffering, rather than blessings to those around and closet to you. Yes, Moses, the choice is simple-follow Jesus and his ways and your impact will never be in doubt if we draw from his solid foundation in our lives.


Professional meteorologists rely on proven science to predict weather and save lives. Sound Christians realize they impact lives and allow Jesus to guide and influence their words and actions.

Dear Jesus, help us to keep you at the center of our spiritual and moral foundation that are actions may reflect your impact on our lives.