READ: EXODUS 3: 1-18

God replied, “I AM THE ONE WHO ALWAYS IS. Just tell them, I AM has sent me to you.”

How many times have you encountered new people in your lifetime? Once you take flight and leave the familiarity of the family nest you literally encounter hundreds, if not thousands, of new people before drawing your last earthly breath. During these close personal encounters we strive to make judgments about the person we are meeting to determine how much influence we want them to exert over our lives albeit for a long or short period of time.   At the same time, we try to leave a strong personal impression upon these persons so they may come to accept and respect us as a unique individual. This spontaneous process of personal evaluation is designed to give us insight into each other’s true identity.

Identity determination usually involves the asking of probing questions such as: “Where are you from?   Who do you know? Who are your parents or relatives? What school did you attend? What do you do for a living?” These and similar inquiries are designed to develop a baseline character judgment of the person you are meeting and conversely used by them to develop a frame of reference for your character. Should the relationship progress to a long term one, we get a far more candid and reliable view of the person through our interaction with them and getting to see their thoughts, words and deeds in true practice. This establishes a creditable basis upon which to base our opinion of their true identity and they ours.



Moses questions of God were his meager attempts to determine God’s authentic identity.   Although he had already had a basis of faith and a Holy encounter with him through the burning bush, Moses wanted to be 100% assured that this was the true God of his ancestors and not some aberration of a fly by night Egyptian deity. Moses had no desire to serve a false god, especially one that was appointing him to lead his people on a long journey out of captivity, after all his life and that of hundreds of thousands hung in the balance of his decision. He and the people of Israel needed to unequivocally know it was truly I AM answering their pleas for help and cries for redemption. Once Moses accepted God’s leadership, after much superficial discussion and examination, the stage was set for the march to freedom-and man did God ever deliver!


God knew Moses true identity and he knows yours, so why not allow him to be the chief influencer over your life by sparing all the superficial questions trying to determine his true identity. He is the I Am who cares for you in perfect love and understanding.

Dear God, remove all doubt from my mind and heart that hinders my relationship with you.