The King Street Church Malawi Barnabas Team was established in 2020 under the umbrella of the Missions Co-mission.  The team is dedicated to helping our Malawi-based ministry partners advance the Gospel through their established in-country programs.  We recognize the independence of the Malawi-based programs and exist to support them through prayer, the development of personal relationships, and the allocation of resources as provided through the Missions Co-mission.

Malawi is a small landlocked country in Southern Africa sharing its borders with Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania.  It currently has a population of 19 million people which is expected to grow to 23 million by 2023, with 77% embracing Christianity.  It is the third poorest country in the world with a GNP of just $399 per year.  Politically it is a stable country but hunger, economic development and education continue to present constant challenges.  Currently we support the following ministries:



Salima, Malawi:  Cornerstone Ministries was founded in 2012 by three graduates of the African Bible College and the Urban Promise International Leadership Program in Camden, NJ.  They started with an after-school program to tutor children in grades 4-7 and to provide them with the only stable meal they consumed each day.  That program continues to this day, serving nearly 300 community children.  In 2016, they founded a Christian High School with 24 students which has now blossomed to over 224.  Recently, with some help from the KSC Disciples Class, they completed a new science center and library.  They have also initiated a Girls’ Empowerment Program to help girls advance in a world where many are married between ages 14-16.  Most recently, they have started a goat farm to help sustain their meal program.  The Executive Director, Danneck Faylina, participated in KSC Men’s Retreat facilitated by Pastor Don Baker and his friend Bruce Main of Urban Promise.  He remains in active contact with team member Fred Ailes.

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Thondowe, Southern Malawi:  Garnett Limani, a Malawian Preacher, reached out to eight Texas churches in 1950, through the editor of the Gospel Tidings Magazine, Pastor GB Shelburne, Jr.  This interaction resulted in the sending of American missionaries to Malawi, and the acquisition of the 90-acre Namikango Estate in 1961 for a base of operations that continues through today.  Namikango’s primary mission has been, and continues to be, the training of current and future Malawian church leaders and workers.  This training started through its Bible School and related local church-based programs through its affiliation with 1,000 Malawian churches.  Currently, they are establishing a Discipleship Training Students school, much like a seminary, and are in the process of recruiting local students.  Additionally, they operate a much-needed Medical and Maternity Clinic, a coffee farm, and a Village Savings and Loan Program.   A current missionary, Eric Gephart has ties to KSC through team member Alyssa Heberling.

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Blantrye, Malawi:  Rays of Hope is a local faith-based organization that was founded by three young Malawians in 2009 in the capitol city, Blantyre.  The primary focus of Rays of Hope is to respond to the educational challenges faced by the children of Malawi.  Their programs, which are Christian-value-based, operate on the principal “Nurture a Child, Nourish the Nation.”  Rays of Hope operates an after-school enrichment program in partnership with 5 primary schools, tutoring and feeding 350 students each day; provides material support and training for 800 teachers in cooperation with the government of Malawi; provides 65,000 students with supplemental educational materials; facilitates a training initiative for high school drop-outs; provides loans for students to attend high school, which is not free in Malawi; provides funding for student-related business development; and hopes to develop future farming programs.  The Executive Director Willie Mapsuka is a graduate of the Urban Promise leadership Institute in Camden, NJ, and has ties to KSC through our team member Aaron Ott, with whom he worked during an internship at his business.

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Thank you for taking the time to look at these exciting new Malawi Barnabas Team partner programs.  If you would like to join us, please contact Fred Ailes at