Sunday School:

We offer many different adult Sunday School classes, each with a different personality, style of teaching, and spiritual focus. Some are exclusive to women, others to men, some to certain age groups, others to couples and still others to singles. At a large church like King Street, Sunday School classes become a vital place where people can plug-in, make friends, become accountable, and share life with others. Classes serve as mini-congregations that support missionaries, engage in ministries, and fellowship outside of class. You may wish to visit a few before prayerfully considering which might be the best fit for your life and journey with Christ.

9:30 a.m.

BUDS OF PROMISE  | Senior Women and Men | M121 | The Standard Lesson Commentary
Young at heart, active, prayerful and giving.

BURTON’S MEN | Senior Men | M3 | The Standard Lesson Commentary

CHRONICLES | Singles/Couples, All Ages | KSCC—C8
Chronicles seeks to explore our individual spiritual gifts, “unshell” ourselves, and reach beyond our comfort zones to the hurting world around us. We are missions-minded and enjoy spending time together outside of class.

DISCIPLES | Mostly Couples, 40+ | M9
Disciples has a variety of rotating teachers and study books of the Bible. This is a very giving class who regularly donates to missions and individuals who need financial support.

FORWARD FOCUS | Singles/Couples/Families, 30s-60s | M31/33 | Sermon Notes
This class likes to dig deep into God’s Word. As well as Sermon Notes, they use video series or study a book of the Bible.  Laughter is a big part of this class.

FOUNDATIONS | Singles/Couples/ Families, All Ages | M28
In Foundations, even families with children attend together. The class focuses on Christian fellowship, Bible study, and prayer.

GOOD SAMARITAN | Singles/Couples, 50+ | B3/B4
The Good Samaritan class has several teachers that allow for different teaching styles, a variety of Bible-based topics, and lively discussion. The class is warm, welcoming and generous.

L.R.RIFE/ GOLDEN LINK | Adult Men & Women, 70+ | M115 | The Standard Lesson Commentary
This class says, “We enjoy learning and growing in God’s Word even in our golden years!”

NEW LIFE | Singles/Couples 50-80s | M215 | The Standard Lesson Commentary
This class is very prayerful, generous, kind, and friendly.

REFLECTIONS | Singles/Couples, 20s-80s! | M27/29
In Reflections, age truly doesn’t matter. Everyone is welcome as they study the Word of God in an exciting, fun way, with lots of discussion.

THE JOY CLASS | Couples, 40s-60s | M1
The Joy class likes to dig into the Scripture, understand what it means, and apply it to our lives today. They also devote time to determining how God might want them to serve in the world around them, and to help people as an extension of His love.

TRUTH SEEKERS | Singles/ Couples, 40+ | M4
This class focuses on a time of sharing followed by corporate prayer and an in- depth class discussion of Scripture.

11:00 a.m.

COLLEGE CLASS | College Students & Young Adults | B3/B4
Using Sermon Notes, this class seeks to help young adults grow in maturity as Christ-followers and to remain connected.

FAMILY LIFE CLASS | M24 | Sermon Notes and other studies
Families doing life together, growing together in Christ, marriage and parenting. They also enjoy social activities during the week.

FEET TO FAITH | Married/Singles, Early 30s-60s | M27/29 | Sermon Notes
At Feet to Faith, the door is always open. They like social events and building relationships.

FRIENDS IN FAITH | Ladies Class, 20s-70s | M1
Friends in Faith not only meet to grow as Christians, but they provide support to one another through the challenges of life.  They gladly welcome any ladies who would like to experience Christian friendship and growth.  Contact Deb MacAskill at (717) 264-0796 with questions.

HOME BUILDERS | Singles/Couples, 30s-50s | M31/33
Our desire is to strengthen family relationships using Biblical studies on a wide range of topics relevant to participants. We invite you to share in building friendships while learning God’s design for your family.

KOINONIA | Singles/Couples, 20s-30s | KSCC—C8
This class is an eclectic group who have a vision of furthering God’s kingdom and welcoming new faces. They generally discuss the Sermon Notes.

MANNA | Couples, 30s-50s | M28
Manna focuses on small group style table-discussions. They also like to plan family and couple activities outside of church to encourage strong relationships.

NEW JOURNEYS| Couples, 20s  | B201
This class is for couples in their twenties who want to grow deeper in their faith through Bible studies and fellowship activities during the week.

SOLOMON’S PORCH | Couples/Singles, Young Adults and Up | M9 | Sermon Notes
Solomon’s Porch is a discussion-based group, seeking out how the Gospel can and should shape our everyday lives.

TELL ME SOMETHING I DON’T KNOW | Singles/Couples, All Ages | M19 | Sermon Notes
This class is an open forum style, Biblically centered group that encourages honesty and offers support no matter where you are in your walk with Christ.

VERTICAL VISION | Singles/Couples, All Ages | M2 | Sermon Notes and Various Studies
A friendly and social group, this class likes to discuss challenging Bible topics and apply them to life.

WALK IN THE WORD | Singles/Couples, All Ages | M4
Walk in the Word loves to see how Scripture ties together. They begin by looking at a passage, and then exploring it throughout the Bible.


The Standard Lesson Commentary is a guide that combines Bible study with relevant examples and discussion questions.

Sermon Notes: These classes use the Sermon Notes that the pastor provides for further study of the weekly messages and Scriptures.