Serving in Worship Arts

Did you know it takes around 100 volunteers to staff our worship arts teams every single weekend?  So yes, we can use your help! Please look over the survey below and check your area of giftedness. We would love to talk with you more.  Fill out the form below, of contact us directly right here:

Steve Flint, Director of Choral and Instrumental Ministries:
Click to email:  Steve Flint
Nate Hann, Director of Contemporary and Blended Worship:
Click to email:  Nathan Hann
Mitch Benedict, Worship Arts Assistant
Click to email:  Mitch Benedict
Tyler Roberts, Media and Production Coordinator
Click to email:  Tyler Roberts

Worship Audition

  • If you selected "Other" above, list your area(s) of interest.
  • Upload an audition video of up to 50 mb. If your file is larger than that, skip to the next section.
  • You can upload your video file to a YouTube or Vimeo -- just paste the URL here. There is also a third option for sharing your audition video; skip to the next section.
    You can upload your video file to Box, Dropbox, or another third party storage site. Then send a link to If you are going to use this option, please let us know by checking "yes" below. If this is also not a good option for you, skip to the next section.