12 Days of Blessing

At Christmas, we celebrate how Jesus came to earth as a baby in an incredible display of love and sacrifice. This year, let’s mirror Christ’s love (and live out our mission!) by intentionally blessing people as a church body.  See how many acts of kindness you can complete, and share how the experience has impacted you on Facebook.  Here are some suggestions, but feel free to go with your own ideas!  

Day 1:  Monday, December 11
Express gratitude: Write a thank-you note or send a thoughtful text to someone and let them know how much they mean to you.

Day 2:  Tuesday, December 12
Bless a neighbor:  Give baked goodies or  a small gift, or help with chores.

Day 3:  Wednesday, December 13
Show appreciation to a public servant: Give a homemade treat or card to a mail carrier, fire fighter, police officer, or military personnel.

Day 4:  Thursday, December 14
Community care:  Donate an unused toy, book, or clothing item to a community charity.

Day 5:  Friday, December 15
Send unexpected tidings: Mail a Christmas card to someone who might not otherwise get one.

Day 6:  Saturday, December 16
Be a beacon of kindness while shopping: let someone go ahead of you in line, smile and say “Merry Christmas,” return a cart,   or give sincere thanks to a cashier or clerk.  

Day 7:  Sunday, December 17
Visit an elderly neighbor or shut-in.  Sing Christmas carols, play board games, or just visit with them.

Day 8:  Monday, December 18
Deliver Christmas cheer: Get a wreath,  Christmas tree, or poinsettia and drop it off at the home of a shut-in or a widow or widower. 

Day 9:  Tuesday, December 19
Encourage others:  Reach out to someone who is struggling; text an encouraging verse, or call and pray with them.

Day 10:  Wednesday, December 20
Babysit for free:  Identify someone who might be dealing with extra pressures, and offer to watch their kids for free.

Day 11:  Thursday, December 21
Be generous:  Over-tip your server and leave a note of Christmas cheer, or pay for the person behind you at a drive-thru. 

Day 12:  Friday, December 22
Share your joy:  Invite a family that doesn’t have local family to your house for dinner.