The Wall Mural is Up!

February 6, 2019 | Uncategorized, KSC News

God’s Word is making a dramatic appearance at King Street Church!  Pastor Jody asked that we design and order a large mural to install on our church walls, and it is now in place.  The mural features 1 and 2 Peter in its entirety, and it’s large enough to read right off the wall.  We have also placed cups containing markers right on the wall. It is Pastor Jody’s hope that as he preaches through these books of the Bible, that we will use the mural as a central spot to share the things that God is teaching us! Underline, circle, or highlight any portion that is meaningful to you.  In the large margins, write out WHY you chose the verse(s) that you did.

The mural is near the sanctuary lobby, in the long hallway that features large windows facing out onto King Street (overlooking the KSC Ministry Center.)