New Sermon Series for 2019

December 28, 2018 | Sermons, Pastor Jody

by Pastor Jody Bowser

Peter and John were obviously very good friends.

They were fishing buddies growing up in Galilee. They responded to the invitation to follow Jesus on the same day. They were two of Jesus’ closest disciples. And they were sent out by Jesus to change the world — which they did!

This past year here at King Street, we journeyed together through John’s Gospel. How exciting to turn our attention in 2019 to what Peter has to tell us!

John calls us to experience LIFE in the name of Jesus. Peter’s message has a sharper focus. He warns us all that living for Christ won’t be easy— and he equips us with encouraging practical teaching on how to navigate a world that is no longer our home.

We hope you will take the journey with us, in the first half of 2019!