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At King Street Church we envision a great multitude from every nation, tribe, people, and tongue, worshiping the living God in spirit and in truth.  That’s the vision of the Bible.  The Bible’s picture of a vast, diverse people united as a single nation before God’s throne giving glory to Jesus Christ fuels our missions engagement in the world.  Without that picture our missions ministry would be aimless and pointless.  With that picture our missions ministry can be all God intends it to be.

God has given KSC a role to play, a mission, in achieving his grand vision.  Our mission is to take the good news of Jesus Christ to the nations by partnering with local churches to help them fulfill their mission within the Kingdom of God.  People who love Jesus are all over the world, gathered in local churches.  Our job is to come alongside those pastors, elders, missionaries, and congregations to help them accomplish the work God has given them in their communities.  Churches thrive when they work in partnership with each other, so KSC is seeking to build great relationships with churches around the world so that together we can make disciples among every people group.

We can’t reach everywhere in the world, but God is opening doors for us to get involved in certain focus areas of the world.  Right now we are building relationships in Haiti and Thailand, and we’re exploring possibilities in other locations as well.  Groups of passionate KSC people called Barnabas Teams encourage the work in our focus areas.  These teams meet regularly for prayer and planning, and if you have a passion for missions then serving on a Barnabas Team might be right for you.

The passions of KSC Missions align well with the values of King Street Church as a whole.

Connect – Worship is the purpose of missions, so KSC Missions is passionate about connecting people to the Lord and increasing the worship of Jesus Christ in the local church.

Grow – Being a disciple means growing in Christ-likeness, so KSC Missions is passionate about studying and applying God’s Word in the context of a growing church community.

Serve – God’s people are called to serve each other with a love epitomized in the cross, so KSC Missions is passionate about cultivating generous giving and sacrificial service among God’s people.

Share – The Gospel communicates God’s salvation for all creation, so KSC Missions is passionate about proclaiming this glorious message to all people.  If you share these passions and would like to find ways to be more involved in helping to achieve God’s global vision, contact the church office for assistance.

Currently we support:

  • Christar:  2 couples serving in the Middle East
  • Commission to Every Nation:  Rigo & Chrysti Andino (Honduras)
  • Global Ministries General Fund
  • Global Ministries:  Bryan & Emily Gerlach (Thailand)
  • Wycliffe Bible Translators:  Roger & Marilyn Reeck (Honduras)


KSC is now excited to offer 3 “Barnabas Teams,” dynamic teams within the church that offer prayer and logistical support for overseas missions within other countries.  In some cases, the teams will even visit in person.  We currently have teams for Haiti, Thailand, and Turkey.  If you are interested in learning more about ways to serve please contact the church office.