(Updated 9/29/2014)

This past weekend a candidate for Senior Pastor and his wife visited King Street. They attended our services on Sunday morning and met with the Board of Administration, the Elders, the Personnel Relations Commission and the ministerial staff. On Monday evening the Search Team voted to recommend him as our candidate for Senior Pastor.

We would like you to know that our initially defined process was adapted since we hired the Vanderbloemen Search Group. We were able to watch many of his sermons online and did not feel it necessary to have him preach at King Street before reaching our decision. Although the Search Team’s work is now complete, there are more steps in the process: the candidate will meet with the United Brethren Bishop, Phil Whipple, and both the Personnel Relations Commission and the Board of Administration must vote their approval.

We have appreciated your prayers and patience through this process and ask that you continue to pray:

* Giving thanks for the unity of the Search Team in reaching a decision.

* Praying for the potential new pastor, his family and church as they face transitions.

* Praying that King Street will continue “to reach people at their level of spiritual interest and lead them to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.”