(Updated 8/20/2014)

The search team spent June and July waiting for Vanderbloemen to complete their search. The KSC Senior Pastor Search Team met on August 5, 2014. At that meeting the ongoing process and timeline for the remainder of the search were agreed upon.

On August 20 our consultant from the Vanderbloemen Search Group, Tammy Kelley, met with the team. After evaluating several hundred candidates, the group had narrowed the applicants to their top six recommendations. She provided packets of information on these individuals, including resumes and answers to common questions.

Each member of the Search Team will now prayerfully review the information on the prospective candidates, watch introductory videos, listen to sermons of each and rank the candidates in order of how they see them fitting the position. We will meet on August 30 to decide which ones should be brought in for face-to-face interviews.

Bishop Whipple will be asked to interview the top 2 or 3 candidates in accordance with denominational policy. The top candidate will be invited for a weekend to meet with the various leadership groups (Elders, Board, PRC, Staff) and to preach on Sunday.

If the Search Team determines that the top candidate is the man for the position, the Team will recommend him to the PRC for approval. The Compensation Committee will determine a salary offer within the range that has been set along with a benefits package. The PRC chair will bring this motion to the Board of Administration for approval. The Board of Administration will have the final decision as to the hiring of the candidate.



  • That the Holy Spirit would grant the Search Team wisdom, guidance and direction as each member evaluates information on the candidates
  • Discernment during the Search Team’s meeting on August 30
  • The next pastor whom God has prepared for King Street Church