(Updated 12/17/2014)

Since our meeting on December 4 when the Vanderbloemen Search Group gave us information on six additional pastoral candidates, the members of the Search Team have individually and prayerfully reviewed the biographical information and ministry experience. Additionally, we watched at least two online sermons of each.

As a team we met on Wednesday, December 17. Following prayer and a discussion of the candidates, it was a unanimous decision not to pursue any of them. Steve Shadle, Chairman, will make arrangement for a conference call to include William Vanderbloemen, Don Baker, Mike Wentz and Steve. The purpose will be to discuss our concerns and next steps.

Please continue to pray for:

*Wisdom, insight and guidance for the members of the team.

*Patience for God’s timing.

*King Street’s pastors and staff as they carry on the duties of church ministry during this time.

*Continued commitment of our partners to prayer, attendance, ministry engagement and financial support.