(Updated 5/29/2014)

Tammy Kelley, Executive Search Consultant with Vanderbloemen Search Group, flew in from Chicago to meet with representatives of King Street on Wednesday, May 21. The main goal for her visit was to gather information about King Street Church so that she could understand the culture of our church and gain insight relative to our expectations for our senior pastor.

After meeting with the pastoral staff and representatives from other departments in the afternoon, she met with the Search Team in the evening. She explained both her history with the Vanderbloemen Group and the process involved as we proceed.

Having read our Parish Profile, she was aware of our long history of good pastors who have been well-respected, caring men and have preached solid, Biblically sound sermons. Some of the questions she asked included:

  • What brings people to King Street?
  • What keeps them here?
  • What are the Search Team’s expectations for the senior pastor?
  • What is the congregation looking for?
  • What would be the key goals for 24 months down the road?

After Tammy reviews the information she gathered during her visit, she will compose a Job Specification Sheet and send it for our review. Upon our approval, Mrs. Kelley and her team will contact prospects, collect resumes, conduct phone interviews, and finally conduct face-to-face interviews. In approximately eight to ten weeks, she will formally present a short list of approximately four to six prospective candidates to the Search Team for our consideration.

Please continue to pray for our current requests:

  • That the Vanderbloemen Search Group would locate and recommend the right candidates for our consideration.
  • Wisdom and discernment for the Search Team.
  • Strength and energy for our staff who have added responsibilities during this time.