(Updated 3/3/2015)

Jay Mitchell from the Vanderbloemen Search Group met with King Street’s Search Team on Tuesday, March 3.  At that time he presented five possible senior pastoral candidates for our consideration.

After individually spending time reading about the candidates and listening/viewing numerous sermons online, we met again on Saturday, March 7, to  discuss the candidates’ preaching/teaching, leadership/vision casting and shepherding skills.  We narrowed the field to three men to  invite for face-to-face interviews.  It was decided that these should take place as soon as they can be arranged.

We ask that you continue to pray:

* For our church that we would remain unified at this time.

* For God to identify His man for the job in a way that is unquestionably from Him.

* For the candidates that are still in the process.

* Thanking God for blessing King Street with a great ministerial staff that has taken on more responsibility during this time.