(Updated 3/17/2014)

The Search Team met on Monday, March 17.  After an opening prayer Steve Shadle reiterated that the job description for our senior pastor includes the following qualifications: at least a master’s degree, ten or more years of pastoral experience and experience in leading a church with 500 or more congregants.

He told us that the subcommittee had met to review the applications.  Although many people had expressed interest in the position and had submitted information, there were few qualified candidates who had provided the three requested items—a resume, a completed United Brethren “Minister’s Profile Form” and either a CD or a URL link to a recent sermon.

Our main goal for the evening was to view submitted sermons and answer the following question about each candidate:

  • Do we want to go any further in the process with the candidate?
  • Is he a person that we want to lead King Street Church?
  • Do we want to listen to him preach 75% of the time?

Cover letters, resumes and “Minister Profile Forms” for a few individuals were distributed and time was given for the team to read the information.  Initial reactions and observations were shared before we listened to sermons via multi-media.  The sermons and the deliveries were evaluated.

After much discussion we determined that ideally we would like more candidates to choose from.  The idea of hiring a professional pastoral search group was discussed and approved.  Our next meeting will be on Monday, March 31 to decide on the search group we should hire.

Our prayer requests include the following:

  • Continued wisdom and discernment for the Search Team
  • That Pastor Don and Pastor Kyle will continue to have the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit as they plan and deliver sermons
  • That the congregation will continue to exercise patience during this process.