(Updated 12/23/2013)

This team met on Monday, December 16 to review and complete the Parish Profile Form.  Prior to the meeting, Steve Shadle had compiled initial information from Ken Adams, Pastor Don Baker, Dr. John Beukema, Eric Oyer, and Rich Tardosky.

This document includes:

  • A brief church history from 1735 until the present
  • A statistical profile for the last ten years­–the numbers of members, attendees, Sunday school attendees, converts and baptisms
  • Church leadership–boards, committees and ministries, as well as paid staff
  • Church finances for the last five years including income and expenses
  • Description of church property
  • Our strengths, weaknesses, challenges and internal and external influences
  • Our vision and goals
  • Twelve leadership qualities that we feel are important for our new senior pastor to possess
  • Community profile
  • A description of our four worship services, our youth program and the Wednesday evening program
  • Perceptions of our church, e.g., the level of spiritual maturity of the congregation

Our completed form has been forwarded to Phil Whipple, our denominational bishop.  He will schedule a meeting in early January, which will include the Search Team, himself and Christopher Little, pastor of Mount Pleasant Church, who is our cluster leader.

Although Dr. Beukema’s resignation may have surprised us, it was no surprise to God.   We are confident that God already knows who our next pastor will be.  Please join us in praying for the following:

  • Pray that God would give wisdom to the Search Team, Bishop Whipple and Chris Little.
  • Pray that God would prepare our new pastor to be receptive to leaving his current church.
  • Pray that we as a congregation would be patient and supportive of our current staff.