(Updated 1/15/2014)

The Search Team, Phil Whipple, our denominational bishop and Christopher Little, pastor of Mount Pleasant Church and our cluster leader, met on Saturday, January 11th to discuss the procedures in our quest to fill the senior pastor position at King Street.

Searching both within and outside our denomination, we will post the opening on several appropriate websites.  We are requesting that interested pastors submit a resume and a completed UB Minister’s Profile form.  Additionally, candidates are required to provide either a DVD of recent sermons or a URL where their preaching can be observed.

After applications have been reviewed and the field narrowed, the team will watch the submitted videos of possible candidates to further narrow the field.  Then we will conduct interviews via Skype or the phone.  Bishop Whipple will also interview the final candidates to determine their doctrinal perspective and how it aligns with U.B. theology.  Finalists will be invited to visit King Street Church and preach before a decision is made.

As we seek God’s man for our church at this time, we ask that you join us in praying for the following:

  • Wisdom and discernment for the team as we seek to align ourselves with God’s plan
  • A stirring in the heart of the candidate that God has chosen
  • The current staff as they adjust to changes and/or added responsibilities

If you are interested in the job description for the Senior Pastor position or the UB Minister’s Profile Form, they can be viewed here:

Job Description (pdf)

Minister’s Profile Form (PDF)