(Updated 11/17/2014)

Together with the Elders, Personnel Relations Commission and ministry staff, the Search Team met on November 17 to discuss the process going forward.  After the Team has decided on a final candidate, the Board of Administration, the Elders, the Personnel Relations Commission and ministry staff will be given the candidate’s resume and information sheets from Vanderbloemen along with his church’s website to view sermons.  In addition, the Search Team will host a meeting with these groups to tell them why the Search Team is referring this candidate.  It will be a time for the groups to ask the Search Team basic questions prior to the candidate’s arrival.

When the final candidate comes to KSC for interview meetings the BOA will be included in the interview process. The BOA will have a specific meeting to interview the candidate.

Once that interview weekend is completed, the Search Team will host a follow up meeting with the PRC, Elders, ministry staff & BOA in order to answer any additional questions that these groups might have & gather their observations from the weekend of interviews.

The Search Team will then meet to vote on the final candidate.

We have spent time in discussion about whether the final candidate should come to preach at King Street prior to offering him the position.  It was decided that we do not want to put him in the embarrassing situation with his current congregation by having them discover that he is applying for a position elsewhere through social media.  In addition, all interviewing groups will have had a chance to watch a number of his sermons online.  Hence, we will not invite him to preach at King Street prior to our final decision.