(Updated 1/11/2015)

The Search Team and the ministry staff met on Sunday afternoon, January 11, with Jay Mitchell, a representative from the Vanderbloemen Search Group.   He has been assigned the task of identifying candidates for our senior pastor.  Jay attended our worship services in the morning and noted that we are a spiritually and relationally healthy church.

In an effort to learn about King Street, he asked a series of questions. Some of our responses included:

  • Four worship styles
  • Generous congregation—we’re financially sound.
  • Great leadership
  • Sound Sunday School program
  • Good children and youth programs
  • Our involvement in the community
  • Accustomed to excellent sermons
  • Internally complicated with a staff of twenty-seven
  • Chambersburg is a small town with access to big cities.
  • Good level of support and encouragement for the staff
  • Good, hard-working congregants with large involvement in ministries

Jay should be back to King Street in four to five weeks to present a group of possible candidates for our consideration.

Please continue to pray:

  • That we continue to recognize that God is sovereign and that we wait patiently for His timing
  • That Jay will find appropriate candidates for our consideration
  • For strength and perseverance for the staff members who continue to shoulder added responsibilities during this time
  • For guidance, direction and wisdom for the team