Our Elders

The elders ministry is to shepherd the people of King Street Church towards a life transforming relationship with Jesus Christ and enable them to fulfill their Kingdom purpose.

Dave and his wife Carol have three grown children and 7 grandchildren.  They attend the 8:15 service and participate in the Truthseekers Sunday School class.  Dave has taught Sunday School here at KSC on the high school level, served on the PRC commission for nine years and previously served as one of our elders for six years. Alongside his wife, he also helps serve at the Wednesday night dinners and teaches a Wednesday night kindergarten class. Dave says, “I pray the Lord allows my words and my deeds to serve as a testimony to the changes He has made in my life, and that He gives me the vision and wisdom to follow the right path – all to His glory and honor.”

John and his wife Karen have one daughter, Caitlin.  They attend services at the 9:45 Baker Center service, where John serves as an Lead Usher and Communion Coordinator.  John has a great heart for missions and currently serves on KSC’s Missions Commission, the Thailand Barnabas Team (through which he has been to Thailand several times), and the UB Global Ministries Leadership Team.  John shares, “I want to be the friend of my perfect friend, Jesus.  It is this relationship that is most important to me.  I strive every day to be worthy of His friendship.  I am compelled to work hard and accept the responsibility of this friendship.  In Scripture Jesus makes it clear and simple what He wants from when He says, ‘Follow me.’  Jesus, I will follow you.”

Eddie and his wife Karla have four children:  Samantha, Hannah, Emma, and Nora.  They are active in the Feet to Faith Sunday School class and enjoy both contemporary services offered at 9:45 am.  Eddie participates in the choir and teaches second and third graders on Wednesday nights. His favorite passage of Scriptures is Psalm 51.

Dave and his wife Erin have been members of KSC for 17 years; they have both served with Welcome Ministries in the Baker Center for 12 years.  Dave has taught the Walk in the Word Sunday School class for 15 years, and recently completed a six year term as Chairman of the Local Outreach Commission. Dave grew up in ministry, as his parents were missionaries to Argentina, and he accepted Christ as his Savior at a young age.  He says, “In my life I’ve experienced no other truth. Jesus is undeniable. I have felt His love and guidance over and over. I am thankful for His grace every day.  When I stumble and fall, He draws me back to Him.  I strive to remain open and ready to serve and honor Jesus. The more I read His Word, the more compelled I am to love and serve Him.” Dave and Erin have a daughter Jenna (16), and a son Michael (13.)

Gary grew up in the church; while he was a believer, he began to live a double life as he grew into adulthood.  His weekly life didn’t reflection his Sunday-morning-Christianity.  In 1988, his mother took her own life, and this pivotal event caused Gary to question his faith.  He says, “On a snowy night in January 1989, as I drove to my part time job, it hit me like a lightning bolt that God never left me or my mother and that God wanted my life to be different, if only I trusted in Jesus’ sacrifice for me and that God loved me and wanted me to grow in my understanding of Him.  It was the beginning of my adult faith and desire to grow closer to God through a personal relationship with Jesus.”  Gary married Suzanne in 1990 and grew in his faith and made a commitment to be a servant leader at home, work, and in the community.  He has taught Sunday School to high school students at KSC.  He and Suzanne attend the Feet to Faith Sunday School class, and have one daughter, Brooke.  A favorite Bible verse is Romans 8:28.

DAN MARTIN – Secretary
Dan and his wife Susan worship at the 9:45 Sanctuary service, where they serve as greeters.  They also participate in the Feet to Faith Sunday School class.  Before he was an actual elder, Dan served as secretary for the board.  Dan says, “God’s gift of salvation, the forgiveness I’ve received, and the relationship I have with Him has impacted all areas of my life.  I’m still not the man I should be (or want to be) in Christ, but I have enjoyed great blessings as I’ve followed His leading.  That leading  hasn’t always made sense nor was it pleasant, but I’ve always been confident and secure that God would see me through.  Challenges come my way everyday, but I do my best to approach them confidently   and take them in stride because I know that I’m loved, I’m forgiven and God is on my side.”