The Road Crew


We are always looking for volunteer leaders to serve on our team at The Street.  We believe that solid ministry is built on relationships, and caring adults offer significant relationships to students.  By mentoring students to understand God’s love and His word, will allow them to have a deep spiritual growth which can take place in their life. The quality of our team is very important.  We are looking for men and women who have a committed love for Jesus and a desire to care for students.

Here at King Street Church, we all use the same Mission, ” To engage and Bless our Community with the Gospel.”

Every person involved in our Road Crew has a vital role in reaching out to students and help with our Mission which all adds up to seeing those students reach their fullest potential in Christ, and passing it on to others…

Here are our 2017-2018 School Year needs within the ministry at the Street:  Wednesday Nights- Small Group Leaders for Middle School, Hall Monitors, Refreshment Servers.  Sunday School (GPS)- Co-Teachers for 9:45am & 11am, Refreshment Servers.  Other Areas- Leaders for Student Events, Bus Drivers.


If you have any interest in joining our team, we would love to have you look over and fill out the Road Crew Application.  Applications are available in the SMC lobbies.


Also, please be sure to Email us that you are pursuing this and we would like to meet with you!