“Be careful to obey all the commands I give you: show love to the Lord your God by walking in his ways and clinging to him.” (V. 22)

My wife and were privileged to attended the 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration and dinner hosted by the children of a neighbor couple. Being married 50 years is truly a reason for a “Whooblation Celebration” in a world where the term commitment is currently passing out of vogue as it applies to the institution of marriage. Just witness the trend for couples to live together as they are afraid that either one may not like to remain committed “until death do us part.” But this was a day that we, and many other long married guests, honored Tom and Joann who chose to follow their hearts and God’s leading to bind their lives together.

After the dinner, each of the couple’s children provided a brief tribute to their parents. That’s when we learned that Tom and Joann’s journey of love was also a journey of faith fostering a firm foundation upon which each of the children have built their lives and families. Devotion and dedication to God was taught at an early age through modeling by their parents and regular household Christian activities like prayers at dinner and regular church attendance. In an age where it is almost a survival necessity for both parents to work, Tom and Joann made the decision that one parent would always be at home necessitating split shifts. Yet, they made this sacrifice so that they could properly love and nurture their children right through their early adult years. In short, the sacrificial love, faith based teaching, and care of their parents provided an enduring legacy of faith for their children, one that will outlive any temporal celebration of life. This couple chose to use their marriage to honor God, a purposeful decision that will endure for generations to come.

Moses realized the vital necessity of passing the faith from generation to generation. He knew the passage of time has a way of dimming memories and weakening our spiritual values as generations grow further apart from witnessing the early miracles of God. However, the Old and New Testament books of the Bible provide us with faith based lessons of the past, instructions for current Christian living, and glimpses of the glorious future. However, without meaningful teaching and support from parents and the church, this legacy of faith stands in danger of being eroded and falling into decay bringing a tear to the eyes of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Tom and Joann worked hard to provide a legacy of faith for their children and bring a smile to the face of the Holy Trinity. What are you doing to insure your family’s spiritual future?

Dear Lord Jesus, help us become active instruments of your love by leading our families journeys of faith to your glory.