My cup overflows with blessings. (V.5)

Thanksgiving 2017 is just 5 short days ahead giving me pause to stop and consider all the Lord has done for me during the past year. My thought process in this area is triggered by the fact that every day of my life has been a blessing from the Lord. Each day the blessings flow down like the gentle drops of rain during a spring shower, refreshing my soul and giving me the impetus to keep my ever so ordinary life moving forward under His guidance. These blessings, unwarranted and undeserved gifts of love from the living God, keep me focused and centered on the important priorities of life; keep me serving others in Jesus name; keep me praising God for his mercy, grace and love; keep me thanking Jesus for making salvation and eternal life a reality; and keep me humble as I think of all he has given me, my time, talents, treasures, family and freedom and friends.

During my adult life I had sometimes considered the blessings that had been bestowed on my life during Thanksgiving, but these thoughts were normally brief. Now that I about to exceed 70, the allotted contract time listed for us in Psalms, my life has slowed down and I am far more conscious of just how blessed I truly am. Some of the things I will be reflecting upon and thanking Go for are:

The fact that I live in a country whose freedom purchased by the blood of many patriots past and present enabling me to fully develop my God given potential; practice my faith; and speak freely.

The fact that my wife and I celebrated 50 years of marriage, an achievement only made possible through placing Jesus at the center of our lives; practicing self-sacrifice; and flowing the lead of the Holy Spirit on decisions great and small.

The fact that my wife and I were able to complete a 7,389 mile automobile trip to parts of the west and south safely. He also made it possible for my wife, despite her advancing COPD, to enjoy the grandeur of His work in Yellowstone, Bryce, Zion, and Hot Springs National Parks.

Attending the high school graduation of one of our grandsons and celebrating this milestone of life with him.

Seeing three of our grandchildren attending college on scholarships as they actively set the foundation for their futures.

Seeing my oldest daughter succeed as a nurse after devoting much of her life to raising and home schooling her children

Growing closer to my wife as we enter the winter of our lives knowing our love and the love of Christ will sustain us-my cup of blessing is truly overflowing!


What thankful thoughts will be generated by your mind and heart this Thanksgiving and Christmas Season-or should we say every day?

Dear God, please accept our humble but inadequate thanks for all you do in our lives every single day and into eternity with Your Son.