READ: ROMANS 12: 1-2

Don’t copy the behavior of and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. (V. 2 a)

Signs of the approaching fall season are beginning to appear in my yard. Two weeks ago, our cherry tree, the first to blossom and drop its leaves, began shedding at a constant rate. Today, my wife called my attention to the first brilliant red leaf on our maple tree, a true harbinger of change marking the coming of the seasonal transition. It will not be long until more signs of change appear with my back and knees starting to ache more in the cooler weather and the HVAC technician coming to check our furnace for the upcoming heating season.

Harbingers or signs of change, all mark different seasons, or periods of time, in our physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual lives just as with the weather. Each decade of life is marked by physical changes as we progress from childhood to adult beings. Some of these changes include increased height, weight, and strength, along with increases in hand, foot and clothing sizes. Intellectually and emotionally we grow in our capacities to learn, to respond, and to handle life’s many and varied situations. Hopefully, we move from total dependence on others to a position of rational independent thought and action. Each of us needs to simply reflect upon our lives to consider the thousands of changes, small and large, that have let us know change was afoot.

Spiritually, we have experienced “red leaf markers” as we move from the initial stages of accepting Christ, to devoting ourselves to becoming more fully mature in our faith. Gradually, with the passage of time, you find yourself becoming less self and more servant centered; less critical of others and engaged in more self-evaluation; more reflective in speech rather than being quick to spit out hurtful or gossip motivated words; more forgiving and less seeking of retribution; more considerate and loving and less judgmental and spiteful; and more spontaneous and active and less mechanical and cautious in the practice of your Christ inspired faith. These and other red leaf markers appear over time, and progress at different rates as God has created us to be unique and distinct creatures, but they all mark the essential transformation from your old to your new personage led by God.


What signs do you see in your life to mark the change from passive outside to active inside faith?

Dear Jesus, knowing that nothing is impossible for you, help us se pray, transform our lives to your will without hesitation, reservation or doubt.