READ: JOHN 3: 16-21
“God did not send his son into the world to condemn it, but to save it.” (V. 17)

One of the gravest concerns for any law enforcement officer, whose conscience is led by the principles of integrity, dedication, fairness, justice and true servanthood, is to arrest or accuse the wrong person for a crime. In my 26-year experience, not a single one of my brother or sister officers knowingly or carelessly charged a person with a criminal or traffic offense. Doing so would have violated their oath of office; their moral code of conduct; and the absolute trust invested in them by the community they served. To be sure, there were some bad apples in both police departments and prosecutors’ offices in the United States that knowingly and with malice violated the ethics and honor of their agencies, but thankfully they were and are in the extreme minority. Additionally, at times our system of criminal justice lets those who rightfully deserve conviction walk free, but in testament to the quality, integrity and honor of those sworn to uphold the rule of law, the vast majority of cases end up with guilty pleas or verdicts.
Now let’s stretch our imaginations and envision if there was an organization known as the “Soul Police,” whose defined purpose was to arrest and bring before the “Courts of God,” all who were suspected of sinful behaviors. Rest assured that no one would be wrongfully detained or accused, for Adam’s sin lead to the condemnation of all of us with the sole exception of Jesus. (Romans 5: 16-17) The conviction rate would be a perfect 100% with the detention centers and parole and probation offices filled to capacity every day. No one would be guilt free and our futures would be filled with endless days of weeping and gnashing of teeth pleading for mercy and leniency form the Heavenly Courts.
Thankfully, God intimately knowing the hearts and minds of his children, lovingly gave us Christ Jesus freeing all who believe and trust in Him from the condemnation we deserve. No need for spiritual jails, death rows, or parole and probation offices as Christ had already accepted our unique penalties when they nailed him to the Cross. “Not Guilty” rings out from the heavens without ceasing as God’s mighty love triumphs over the dark forces of condemnation. The life-giving Spirit of Christ, provided by his Father, has freed each of us from the power of sin and death. (Romans 8: 1-2)
God, by our own actions, has sufficient justification to wipe us completely out of existence. Instead, in an act of unmatched love, He chooses to forgive our sins and grant us eternal salvation if we completely acknowledge and trust in Jesus- a small price for removing the curse of eternal condemnation from our souls!
Dear Lord Jesus, have mercy on me a sinner and help me remain free of the powers of sin and death by the leading of your life-giving Spirit.