He went inside and spoke to the people, “Why all this weeping and commotion? The child isn’t dead, she is only asleep.” (V. 39)

Spring arrived early in Central Florida with temperatures pushing pollen levels to new highs. After two weeks of exposure to this fine yellow green dust, congestion began to transform into a respiratory infection. Slowly spiraling breathing inspired me to go to the local hospital emergency room being snowbirds with no real medical connections in the area. Immediately, upon admission, the Physician’s Assistant confirmed that I had contracted a highly contagious throat and lung infection that was sweeping through the community. But his diagnostic work did not stop at that point; he patiently took the time to inquire as to the state of my wife’s health as she was most likely going to follow in my footsteps. When told that she suffered from slow advancing COPD he became quite concerned as the infection could cause her major, even life-threating issues. Despite the steady non-stop demanding nature of the ER, he took the time to gently guide her on what to do should she begin to exhibit the symptoms of the respiratory infection. A few minutes later he returned and in an act of great compassion, and I am sure against hospital protocol, he gave her prescriptions for the medication should would need to combat the illness in its early stages. Sure enough she needed the medication the very next day. Two strangers in a busy hospital were touched by one man taking the time to exhibit Jesus model of true compassion found in Mark 5.

The crystal lesson that becomes apparent in Jesus interaction with Jarius and the crowd is that the practice of compassion and concern for others requires an expenditure of your personal time. No doubt Christ was pressed on all sides, like the staff of a busy emergency room by people who were now acquainted with his healing power as his ministry advanced in magnitude and scope. By taking the time to go to Jarius’ home and raising his daughter; by taking the time to eliminate the demons from poor Legion; and by allowing the healing to flow from his robe to a woman in deep physical distress he models for us the essence of true Christian compassion. Yes, it can make a huge difference in someone’s life-but it takes your time!


Compassion, caring and concern for others can be in short supply as we navigate our emergency room style of living. Jesus humbly calls us to call a time out and deliver healing and understanding in His name.

Dear Jesus, you have given me the time of my life, help me use it to serve you compassionately.