READ: JOHN 1: 1-9

The one who is the true light, who gives light to everyone, was going to come into the world. (V. 9)

Not long after our tour guide reached under some rocks, all of the lights in the cavern were extinguished. Sitting in the tour boat, engulfed by the dark void, hearing was the only sense that seemed to be working as water dripped all around us into the stream running through Penn’s cave. A cold chill ran through my body as I thought of the difficulty of navigating out of the cave in the event of light failure-thank heaven they came out about a minute later.
Being in this cave, without lights, left me with a foreboding feeling of complete helplessness. In this section of the sprawling cavern there was no detectable trace of light from which one could take hope in the event you became lost and trapped. Lacking hope, one would quickly become panic stricken and desperate fumbling around in the utter darkness to find a way back to the entrance. Yep, caves are neat when the lights are one and you can appreciate all of the ancient rock formations, but in the dark, I say “leave them for the bats!”

Contrasting our experience in the dark void of Penn’s Cave was our tour of the second largest stadium in the US, Beaver Stadium at Penn State University. It is an enormous structure designed to hold 106, 572 cheering Nittany Lion football fans. It’s expanse and openness to the blues skies leave one feeling free of worry and full of hope, two essential ingredients to enjoying a football game. During the day games the sky provides all the natural light needed, and for night events huge floodlights mask the darkness. Adding to the ambience are two huge scoreboards at either end of the stadium showing and blaring the sights and sounds of the game. The final, coup de grace” comes when fans are encouraged to wear all white outer garments for special rivalry games. Surrounded by 107,00 of your friends, this is a place where hope springs eternal in the bright light of Penn Stare football.
Visiting the cave and the stadium reminded me that our spiritual lives are often contrasted by darkness and light. Prior to accepting Christ, the one true light who gives us continual hope; uncompromising mercy and grace; unrelenting love; and never-ending eternal life; we were in a dark void filled with despair, discouragement, and trapped in a never-ending cycle of sin. Just knowing that Christ burst forth from the darkness of a cave like tomb into the blinding light of never-ending glory gives us cause to live transformed lives of peace, hope, joy and in great anticipation of what is to come!


What appeals to you-the dark void of the cave of sin and death or the white light of Christ’s heavenly stadium?

Jesus, thank you for whiting out sin and death so that we might have salvation and eternal life.