We offer nursery care for children under
the age of two during our 9:30 and 11:00 Sunday morning services.




  • Nursery children must be checked-in at one of our computer stations before going to their rooms.  Appropriate tags for each child must be on their back before dropping them off.  Parents must show the corresponding parent ID tag to pick up their children in their classroom afterwards. (Visitors, please see the Guests page for more information on checking-in.)
  • Our Nursery Coordinator will assign children to the appropriate room based on their development and a discussion with the parents. We currently have 6 different nursery rooms that we use on Sundays.
  • Children who turn two while in the nursery stay in the toddler area until we have promotion Sunday, which is the third Sunday of August.
  • We do ask our parents to occasionally help serve in the nursery area time while they have children in this department.
  • Cheerios and Kix are offered for snack to the children.
  • We are a peanut-free zone in our nurseries.


Before taking your child to the nursery, check them in at one of our computer stations
or at Guest Central if you are a visitor.