Elementary children must be checked in at one of our check in areas prior to going to class. All children grades 1-5 must be picked up by a parent. No child is allowed to leave without a parent/ guardian.


9:45 – Our elementary children first through fifth grade all report to the children’s ministry center, M229 to start off their Sunday mornings. We have a few minutes of free time for kids to play some games and to have some interaction with other students and their teachers. Doors open to the CMC 20 minutes prior to our 9:45 start time. At 9:45 the kids and teachers all meet together for corporate worship and the introduction of the morning lesson. At 10:00 the kids are dismissed from the CMC to go to class with their teachers for the bulk of their lesson time. They return at 10:45 to be picked up by parents or they stay for our second hour of teaching.

11:00 – Elementary children grades 1-5 stay in M229, (CMC) to continue the lesson theme for the day. The lesson is continued with a large group teaching time, activity for the kids to participate in and small group time where kids are asked to discuss the theme for the day and how they can apply it to their lives.

Kids are picked up by a parent at 12:15pm.

Kids’ Choir (grades 1-5):

Wednesdays at 6:15 pm in the Choir Room (M7)   

The Kids’ Choir (grades 1-5) is a great way for children to learn to express themselves and worship God through music.


We are a Peanut Free Zone in the Elementary Area.


Parents, be sure to check out the Parent Link page for articles, helpful podcasts, and videos.