Starting Wednesday, September 5, at 7:00 pm

Nursery/Children’s Programs are offered through November 14.  Important:  A parent must stay on-site for Nursery, Pre-School, and Kindergarten children.


GRIEF SHARE: Brian Knepper and Kathy Cooper (M121)  This 13 week faith-based support group is for those suffering the loss of a loved one.  It is led by those who have also experienced loss.  The group begins their time of sharing and discussion with a video.

MARRIAGE FOCUS GROUP: “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage”:  Kevin & Lisa Moore/Justin & Denise Sites (B201)  This hilarious DVD study by Mark Gungor is for newlyweds as well as long-married couples.  It explores the underlying dynamics of male/female relationships, combining striking clarity and practical solutions to common relationship woes.  This is a fun and very engaging class!

Thanks to the hilarious, practical and no-holds-barred advice from Mark Gungor, the dynamics of marriages are changing all over North America. Creator of the popular Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage Seminar, Mark explores the underlying dynamics of male/female relationships, combining striking clarity and practical solutions to common relationship woes. Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage isn’t your typical weekend marriage seminar. Mark’s entertaining illustrations are so hilarious and original, you’ll be sharing them with all your friends. His humor makes his teaching enjoyable, effective and memorable, helping husbands and wives remember these insights and immediately put them to work. Filmed in high-definition, this 4-DVD set includes Mark Gungor’s entire weekend seminar, as well as extra bonus material. You will experience all the facts and side-splitting fun of Mark’s look at life, love and marriage including: – The Tale of Two Brains – laugh till you hurt as Mark explains what he calls ‘the laws of relational physics’ – how men and women are wired differently and why. – Why Does He/She Do That – through a tool called the Flag Page, Mark is able to show husbands and wives a new way to discover what makes their spouse tick. – The No. 1 Key to Incredible Sex – this is it… a can’t-miss session!  How to Stay Married and Not Kill Anybody – through this session, viewers will discover the power of forgiveness in their marriage… or what Mark likes to call, ‘The Reset Button’.  Through this DVD experience, couples will laugh, learn and be able to make real, positive changes to their marriage. Share the Laugh Your Way experience with someone you love … even your spouse will thank you!

JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE: This course (formerly Discipleship) is a four part study designed to assist believers in their understanding of the Bible, and apply  Biblical truth in ministry and evangelism.  This fall’s offerings:

Part 1: Old Testament—History: Tim Sherald (M24):  This section focuses on OT books Genesis through Esther, the history of the Israelite people.

Part 3: New Testament—Christ: Jim Washabaugh (M9):  This section focuses on NT books Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  Studying the life, death, and resurrection of Christ.

WOMEN’S CLASS: “What Matters Most”(Karen Ehman) Caryn Bowser (M28) The world has always been full of trials, disappointments, temptations, fractured friendships, and financial hardships. Yet Paul’s letter to the Philippians claims we can discover contentment and joy in the midst of it all by prioritizing what matters most—Christ.   Over 7 sessions, study the ever-relevant Letter of Philippians to get to know Jesus on a deeper level, turn your worries into worship, and develop gospel-centered tools for navigating relational conflict and thriving in Christian love.  Explore your vertical relationship with God while learning to adopt the mind of Christ.

WOMEN’S CLASS: “Psalm 23”:  (M215) In this 7-session study by Jennifer Rothschild, gain fresh insight and encouragement from Psalm 23.  Explore the depths of God’s compassionate care, debunk the myth of self-reliance, and learn to trust the Shepherd’s goodness throughout each season of life.

MEN’S CLASS: The Heart of a Warrior: Band of Brothers:  (M27/29) Before you become a warrior, you must become the Beloved Son.  This series by Michael Thompson uses vivid imagery and real-life stories to uplift and equip men to thrive in this fallen world. He emphasizes the value of brotherhood and community while on the journey to healing.  It’s a refreshing study!

Description from Amazon: Men have a glorious and significant role in God’s Larger Story. They also are the target of a special warfare aimed continually and ruthlessly at the center of their being… their masculine hearts. Naivety and ignorance keep many men running in circles while misinformation and poor training keep many more in bondage. Men are wounded, frustrated, angry and being crushed under the weight of criticism and expectations. The attempted solutions of recent years have been through mere education; tell men what they are doing wrong and give them a list to memorize. This strategy isn’t working and it’s time we fall back to an ancient one. What if we are setting men up for failure rather than helping them be free? This is a book about being a Beloved Son, “receiving love” from God and the affect that should have in settling a man’s heart. Then, and only then is the foundation set for a man to enter the Battle. From the Introduction, Thompson shares why he wrote the book: “I hope to one day see the hearts of men so foundationally settled, so well-trained, so well-equipped, and so well-engaged that when evil dare raise its head, Beloved Sons/Warrior men will know what to do and will do it well.” Join Christian author and guide, Michael Thompson, as he invites men to a place of training and orientation that will ensure both a settled heart and a fierce courage. A man cannot enter this battle without knowing he is a Beloved Son. After all, that is what the battle is all about! Michael is the founder of Zoweh Ministries and author of Search and Rescue: The Life and Love That is Looking for You.

JESUS CHRIST — GOD, SON, SAVIORBuck Summers: (M4) The sign of the fish (ichthus) was important to first century followers of Jesus– and still is today.  This study looks at the identity of Jesus and his impact through the meaning contained in the symbol.

Wednesday Pottery Class (led by Don & Mary Burkholder):  This class is full for both the fall 2018 and spring 2019 seasons.   Those who are already on Don and Mary’s list are encouraged to attend, of course.  Those wishing to be included next year can sign up for the waiting list.  Participants learn hand-building techniques and throwing on the potter’s wheel. Cost is $20.