Starting January 4
7:00-8:30 p.m.

Scroll down to sign up for a class! Nursery/Children’s Programs are available from January 4-April 19.

Come for dinner! A meal is served from 5:30-6:45 p.m. at a minimal cost.  Sign up in the lobbies the previous week.

Please note!  If you are NOT attending a Wednesday night class, but you are dropping off a child in grades 1-5, we need to know that.  Please register your child by completing the form below.  In the class options, you will select the last box on the list, “I am not attending a class but need to register a child…” We are short on volunteers and it is important for us to know how many children to expect. Thank you! Also, this is just a reminder, that for children in the Nursery, Pre-School, and Kindergarten departments, a parent must stay on-site at all times.


Sermon on the MountRev Buck Summers (M31/33)  This is a study of Matthew chapters five, six, and seven, which is the most important one-time teaching of Jesus Christ to his followers.  His instructions deal with real life issues.  The Savior wants to assist Christian believers in living life obediently and righteously.  It is a teaching about how to live the kingdom life in a fallen world.  In these three chapters are Jesus Christ’s words regarding such topics as happiness, Christian witness and relationships, attitude concerning money and possessions, how to win over worry, trust in a sovereign  heavenly Father, spiritual salvation and eternal life. The discoveries made in this study will enhance the Christian believer’s faith and trust in a Savior who loves them and cares how they live their life day-by-day.

Understanding and Using My Spiritual GiftsCarl Bert (M121)  This class will help you understand your Spiritual Gifts (“what” you’re equipped to do), your Personal Style (“how” God has shaped your for service), and your Ministry Passion (“where” you are motivated to serve enthusiastically.)  This course will benefit everyone in the Body of Christ. We’ll use Willow Creek’s Network Discovery resource.

Grief ShareKathy Cooper, Jackie Spahr, and Brian Knepper (M4) GriefShare is a faith-based support for those suffering the deep loss of a loved one. It is led by facilitators who have experienced such loss and can relate. The group is structured to assist in processing your loss, and provide tools to help healing begin.  CLICK TO LEARN MORE

Grow in the Word 1Formerly called Discipleship 2, Tim Sherald (M9)  This is a continuation class for those who took the coordinating fall class.  Gain confidence in applying the Bible to daily life through this two-year overview. The course is designed to help you understand the “big picture” of the Bible and apply truth to daily living.

PotteryDon & Mary Burkholder (KSCC Studio, downstairs) Following devotions inspired by the pottery process, participants learn hand-building techniques and throwing on the potter’s wheel, while completing numerous projects. Cost is $20. The fall class is full but names are being taken for the fall 2017 class.

MEN’S CLASS: Fight: Winning the Battles that Matter MostMike White and Fred Ailes (M27/29) This study is part of our men’s group, Band of Brothers.  In Fight, a five-session, video-based small group Bible study, pastor and bestselling author Craig Groeschel explores the life of Samson, helping you uncover who you really are—a man created with a warrior’s heart in the image of God—and how to stand up and fight for what’s right.  CLICK TO LEARN MORE  After this 5 week class (sometime in February), the men will switch gears and study The Book of James with Francis Chan.  CLICK TO LEARN MORE

WOMEN’S CLASS: Five Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t QuitPat Marrone (M215)  Don’t give up!  Nikki Koziarz’s book will help to evaluate the internal personal struggles that make you want to quit, cultivate consistent habits to help you progress toward your goals, and receive a fresh dose of perspective from the Bible that will help you develop perseverance.  CLICK TO LEARN MORE

NEW FOR SUNDAY MORNINGS:  Alpha(11:00 am in M121 starting January 8)  Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith for seekers and searchers.  It is geared toward those who have questions about the Christian faith and are seeking to understand more of what it means to be a Christian. Topics include: Who is Jesus? Why did Jesus die? How can I have faith? We’ll discuss these and more in an atmosphere of acceptance.